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My name is Fatima Barnes, and I'm a Business Strategist. Some have proclaimed me "The official Beauty Brand Whisperer" 💄🤑. I teach you how to sell your beauty products like hotcakes and get off the revenue rollercoaster and generate consistent online sales from your dream "add to cart" customers like clockwork even if you have micro-audience by leveraging the power of Goldmine Groups™. I'd love to help you next!

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50 Highly Irresistible Attention Grabbing Content Hooks Download™ | $4

Capture attention and captivate your audience with these show-stopping, attention-grabbing hooks tailored for beauty brands. Designed to halt the scroll and resonate with your audience's hearts and minds, each hook is infused with sales psychology, elevating your content to next level. ✨

Here's a little taste 👅

Hook Template: Here’s a (product) that feels illegal to sell —the results feel plain wrong but are so right

Example: Here’s a body oil that feels illegal to sell —the results feel plain wrong but are SO right 😱

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Ready To Buy Beauty Workshop Experience™ | $7

Stop Wasting Time on Non-Buyers: Master the Secret Formula To Curate Your Audience With Dream Customers Rushing To Buy Your Beauty Products!

In just 2 Hours, Learn & Implement Actionable Strategies to Turn Your Audience to a hub for your dream customers

This potent and powerful workshop is FOR YOU and you might want to snag it TODAY for just $7 because it will go up after the first 50 people purchase!


Clicks To Cash Workshop™ | $7 (Retiring June 15, 2024)

If you're craving a mega-aligned and genuinely YUMMY way for you to attract HOT ♨️ & READY 💰 perfect fit strangers ON REPEAT 🔂 like your favorite song...

If you've ever wondered what's the secret to turning those lurkers and curious clicks into cash...

This potent and powerful workshop is FOR YOU and you might want to snag it TODAY for just $7! Last chance to access this as it will be going away forever!


Bonnets & Bands Email Marketing Secrets 2-Part Masterclass™ | $11

Do you wanna wake up bonnet still on your head to countless Shopify notifications 🤑 with ease, flow, and confidence?

Introducing the ⤵️

Bonnets & Bands Email Marketing Secrets 2- Part Masterclass. Learn How To Use Email Marketing To Wake Up To Sales Every Day 🤑

It's a TOTAL STEAL TODAY for just $11!


Take My Money Content Masterclass™ | $33

Does cracking the code to creating content and messaging that has them practically asking you to "Take their money" seem to be a real drag?

Do you feel like you're just creating and creating and it's just not giving what need to be gave? THIS IS FOR YOU!

I'm peeling back the curtain and revealing the secrets the TOP BRANDS use and won't share with you on how to create action-driving content quickly without convincing or feeling like you're pulling teeth

Go ahead and grab this TODAY for $33! P.S. Upgrade coming soon 🙌🏾


Secure The Bag 3 Day Pricing Academy™ | $77

It's time to STOP 🛑 undercharging for your QUALITY products, Triple Your Profits, and start to SECURE the bag you deserve...

After all, no one works harder than YOU!

And listening to people out there telling you that multiplying by 3 is a proper pricing strategy ain't it!

Learn a full-proof pricing strategy so that you can stop guessing how to profit and how much to charge for your beauty products down to the cent

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The Ultimate Beauty Boss Bundle™ | $111

Too many products you want? I got you! This deal is only available in the digital shop. Bundle and Save!

Get Access To: Secure The Bag Pricing Academy, Ready To Buy Beauty Workshop Experience, Bonnets & Bands Masterclass, Take My Money Masterclass, & 50 Attention-Grabbing Hooks all in ONE place!


Magnetic (Re)brand Bootcamp™ | $222

Is it time for a grand re re re re opening? 🤣 (the ones that get it get it 💃🏾)

Rebranding can be HARD but no one told you, it's not just websites and logos. Inside of this 4 week intensive bootcamp, we dive deeper into the Bullseye Blueprint™and you learn to transform your brand into a magnetic force, pulling in READY-TO-BUY Shoppers 🤯 within just 30 days!

Rebrand with the confidence of Kanye. Feel amazing about your next relaunch and reintroduction to the world.

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Sell Like Hotcakes™Group Program | $888 or payments as low as $63/month | Checkout with one of our Learn Now. Pay Later. Partners

Unlock my entire curriculum inside of Sell Like Hotcakes™and work with me for 3 months to transform your business as you know it!

Master the techniques you need to truly create a system that sells your products like hotcakes DAILY!

Eliminate the guesswork and stop spinning your wheels in the online marketing's never-ending hamster wheel

Access this LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE TODAY for just one payment of $888!

Want a more intimate experience? 6-month Sell Like Hotcakes private mentorship & strategy is available to partner directly together.

Schedule a 20 minute Mirror Mirror Discovery Session and let's chat about what this looks like for you and see if this is the "Yes, where have you been all my life" fit for you ⤵️


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